Why Do We Binge Eat?

  FOOD    Aug 1, 2017  No Comments

Psychologists and doctors have their own side of the story. Be it the release of the feel good chemical dopamine or the correlation between certain psychological concerns (anxiety, stress, powerlessness), binge eating is something that most people can relate to or have atleast experienced at some point in their lives. Many argue that the behavior of binging or doing things compulsively (based on impulse) is not exclusive just to eating but to shopping, drinking and even gambling.   Some psy...

Do You Mango?

  FOOD    Jul 3, 2017  No Comments

While the usual dry heat during the Indian summer may not be accompanied by too much to celebrate, it does bring with it the season of mangoes. The exotic King of Fruits is well known in the sub continent as an indulgence, an extravagance and a luxury. Generally available between the months of April and August, Mangoes are also known for their nutritional benefits.   Well renown for their taste, Mangoes are also extremely well regarded for their nutritional attributes. The antioxidant compo...

The Great Italian Disaster

  FOOD    Jun 29, 2017  No Comments

A few years ago, a terrible natural disaster caused one of the greatest food based disasters in recent history. The area of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna, Rovigo, Ferrara and Mantua were severely affected by two earthquakes that struck the Northern part of Italy in the span of 9 days.   This led to unprecedented damage that caused millions of dollars worth of damage to the food industry. The area is well known for its Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan), which is one of the healthiest cheeses as it is...

Urban Farming In India

  FOOD    May 16, 2017  No Comments

Urban farming/agriculture/herb gardens/vertical farms; call them whatever you want but these terms refer to the practice of farming or gardening in an urban environment due to the fact that conventional farming is not always possible because of the scarcity of large land parcels.   While originally popularized in Egypt, Boston, Detriot and Bangkok, this form of farming has found its way to cities like Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. While not restricted to any strata of society, urban farming ...

Superfoods For Your Daily Diet

  FOOD    Apr 18, 2017  No Comments
Apple Salad with Mozarella, Olives & Mustard Lime Dressing

While most of us enjoy going out for a meal or choose to indulge in something not particularly healthy from time to time, it would be prudent to try and incorporate certain elements of different foods that can impact our body in a really positive way.   Personally, none of us at the Joocy HQ believe in eating something that doesn’t taste very good but simple additions to ones diet can have a really long lasting impact. An example of this would be the inclusion of small amounts (1 clove) o...

What Exactly is Cold Brew Coffee?

  FOOD    Apr 4, 2017  No Comments

Cold brewed coffee has been all the rage for a while now. But what exactly is a Cold Brewed Iced Coffee?   Cold brewed coffee is basically a kind of concentrate that is derived from the process of cold brewing. Now lets take this a step further. The difference against hot coffee is that cold drip coffee is actually obtained through a cold extraction period that lasts anywhere from half a day to 24 hours. As a result of this process most of the acidity and oils that are found within regula...

Are People Nowadays Obsessed with Food?

  FOOD    Mar 28, 2017  No Comments

Everywhere you see nowadays you see people clicking pictures of their food or just admiring photographs of it. We can put this down to the growth of instagram, pinterest and the endless food blogs that exist but why has this trend become so popular? Its not to say that people didn’t previously enjoy their food but the growth of social media in the age of information has definitely piqued peoples attention.   Some writers put this shift down to the communal feeling associated with food and...

What Are We Trying To Do?

  BRAND    Nov 18, 2016  No Comments

So exactly what are we trying to achieve? What exactly is a food brand and what are we doing differently? Well to start off our goal is to continuously offer and provide high quality wholesome food to our customers. We are starting out in Gurgaon with our delivery services for breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner while simultaneously launching our catering and events arm across Delhi NCR.   We strongly believe that good food should not be limited by a specific cuisine. What we mean is that...

Welcome to the World of Joocy

  BRAND    Nov 15, 2016  No Comments

Hi there and welcome to the inaugural blog post by team Joocy. Our goal is simple, to offer people high quality food no matter where they maybe. Whether at office for breakfast, at home on a lazy afternoon or at a banquet with friends. We are foodies at heart and want to showcase the best food that the world has to offer to people while rotating our menu on a weekly basis. Our first kitchen has been launched in the heart of Gurgaon and we are proud to announce that we are now servicing all areas...

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